CP-AGEING is launched for increasing the competences (attitudes, knowledge, skills) of Adults with Cerebral Palsy and their supports on how to enhance their Well-Ageing through a tailored training program.

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CP-AGEING Objectives

    • Raise awareness about the relevance of preventing and dealing with the ageing effects while keeping the quality of life of adults with Cerebral Palsy.
    • Create and transfer guidelines and tools on how to prevent and deal with the physical and cognitive decline and for keeping and/or strengthening autonomy and social inclusion, including the selection and exploitation of assistive technologies.
    • Promote the implementation of the innovative strategies in institutions but also at home, promoting self-care and autonomy.
    • Focus on the ageing of supports and its impact in the support itself, grieving process or legal and economic issues among others.

    • Strengthen the cooperation between institutions, adults with Cerebral Palsy and supports.

Who will benefit

ü  Adults with cerebral palsy and their supports

ü  Professionals working in the support of persons with cerebral palsy 

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